Membership in Associated Reserve Planners USA

Associated Reserve Planners USA MembershipMembership in Associated Reserve Planners (ARP) is a privilege for professional reserve preparers, and represents an elite group that follow the highest standards for reserve preparers.  Members are required to follow the ICBI Generally Accepted Reserve Study Standards.

Membership in ARP also requires 8 hours annually of continuiong education on topics related to reserve studies.

ARP members also have access to the ARP Component Database, which is contributed to by all members.  This database includes suggested component and category naming conventions.  While members are not required to use these naming conventions, they are encouraged to do so to create consistency for the benefit of users of reserve studies.  This database is not only a tool for members to use, but is an attempt to overcome one of the largest complaints of managers and other users of reserve studies; the lack of consistency and comparability within the reserve study community.